The American Consulate General in Jerusalem announces

2017 Summer Work & Travel (SWT) 

The Summer Work & Travel (SWT) program offers an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in American culture by living and working in a U.S. community during the summer university break.  .

Program Components

Job opportunities:

Students who take part in this program are given a summer job and undertake non-skilled work in a seasonal environment. Typical seasonal job types include front desk clerk, sales associate, server, host, ride attendant, and resort worker. Students may work at a U.S. National Park, a mountain or beach resort area, or a popular amusement/theme park in a variety of U.S. states. Students with stronger English skills will be eligible for a wider variety of positions. Students should expect to work an average of 30 hours per week.  Students receive a thorough CIEE job profile outlining host employer job duties and pay rate, transportation options, housing details, and local area information. Students should familiarize themselves with their job profile information and feel confident that they are prepared to succeed and participate in all duties required of their position and commit to an entire summer at that location. Students will then undertake interviews for their jobs with host employers.

Cultural Exchange Opportunities:

Cultural exchanges are at the forefront of our programs and we offer programming that complements and expands the cultural focus of the Summer Work and Travel program to offer participants a more comprehensive experience in the United States.

 CIEE Access Scholarships include:

 CIEE Work & Travel USA program fee

 Job offer fee

 Travel insurance

 Required SEVIS U.S. immigration fee

 U.S. visa application fee

 Housing assistance provided by the U.S. host employer

 Round trip transportation costs to their employment site

 $500 Settling in allowance to cover travel incidentals and expenses before the first paycheck

Candidate Criteria:

In order to be eligible for the SWT program students at a minimum must:

 Be between 18 and 30 years old

 Be registered as a full-time student at a university or other institution of post-secondary education

 Be able to successfully interact in an English-speaking environment, have sufficient English proficiency to navigate daily life, read and comprehend materials, and know how to obtain assistance when necessary

 Demonstrate an interest in engaging with U.S. culture and communities

CIEE is seeking candidates that are eager to develop their roles as global citizens for the Access Scholarship Program.

Application materials:

Interested students must provide the following:

Complete Nomination Form.

A detailed CV or resume

A passport scan

Application Deadline and inquiries:
Please submit your application no later than December 31, 2016.

Jerusalem and West Bank Applicants: Email completed application packages to Jerusalem[email protected]; call 02-622-7107 for more information.

Gaza Applicants: Email completed application packages to [email protected]; call 08-286-4623 for more information.

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