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The Palestinian American Research Centre (PARC) presented one of the annual Garner awards of 500 US$ to Waseela Toume for her achievements at the Women Studies Master's programme of An-Najah.

The Garner Award is an annual award in memory of PARC board member, Deborah J. Misty Garner who passed away in 20016. Misty spent more than 25 years studying, visiting and living in the Middle East and specialized in the Arab-Israeli conflict and Palestinian Affairs. Misty Garner helped to found the Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies at Birzeit University where her photo still hangs overlooking the Library.

Her MA thesis titled: "The Social and Legal Dimensions of Prisoners' Wives Giving Birth through Sperm Smuggling: A Case Study in Northern West Bank" shed light on Palestinian nationalism.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Naser Al-Deen Al-Sha'er, professor at the Faculty of Islamic Law is the supervisor of Toume's thesis.

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