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An-Najah Student Sherine Khalif from the Physics Program at the ‎Faculty of Graduate Studies recently won the 2019 Achievement and ‎Excellence Fund Award, an annual award offered by President ‎Mahmoud Abbas to recognize outstanding contributions ‎in the ‎education sector in Palestine. ‎

The Award's winner is selected from a shortlist of more than 1000 ‎teachers ‎from all over Palestine.‎

Ms. Khalif, who is a physics teacher at Hajjah Secondary Girls ‎School, won the award for "Our Life is all about Physics" initiative, ‎and the Little Physicist Exhibition. ‎

‎It is worth mentioning that the winner obtained her BA in Physics ‎from An-Najah University. Furthermore, she is the chair of the ‎Student Association for Physics and Astronomy at the University.

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