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An-Najah Student Farida Al-Kilani from the Radio and Television Department of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at An-Najah National University, recently won first place in the tenth 2020 edition of the "Mediterraneo Festival Corto". The competition included 250 films.

Al-Kilani is a Palestinian-Italian filmmaker and content creator. She studied Radio and Television at An-Najah National University in Nablus. During her studies, she produced many media materials and film experiences, including a documentary about the city of Nazareth, showing and telling the story of the city between its past and its current reality, through its residents and grandparents.

The "Mediterraneo Festival Corto" is an international short film competition that has become one of the most popular short film festivals. Over the years there are numerous actors and actresses who participated in this international event. The competition included 250 international films participating in the festival

Al-Kilani won the Mediterranean Award Short Festival for her short documentary: "Roots in the Middle", which raises the issue of Arab of the second generation in Italy, and their sense of conflict within themselves questioning over their lifetimes “Who am I?” and “To where do I belong?”, and how it reflects on their lives, the place and the societies they're living in, between two identities.

In the film, individuals Italian-Arab personalities are sharing their feelings, their own stories, and their perspectives gained from experiences and struggles throughout a whole life of questioning and internal doubt, to reach an answer regarding the question of “Belonging”.

As they live between two societies, two worlds, and two identities, asking themselves "Who am I?", "Where do I belong?”, is it possible to belong to both sides at the same time?

The film focused on showing and exposing these feels and contradictions, not finding a specific answer or categorizing people (and characters) on one side or another, but rather leave this to the characters and what they feel. Al-Kilani produced her documentary in 2019 as a graduation project during her study at the University's Radio and Television Department.

The aim of the Festival is to promote the expressive and artistic form of the short film by authors and of independent production companies, operating not only in the Mediterranean area.

Also, the festival presents several prizes, including the Best Short Film, the Best Photography, the Press Award Matchnews, the Best Actor/Actress, the Best Soundtrack, and the Best Short Film FEDIC in addition to many other awards.

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