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The Ranking of World Universities recently issued the Ninth Edition ‎‎(January 2020 ‎version 9.1 BETA) of TRANSPARENT RANKING: ‎Top Universities by Citations in Top Google Scholar profiles. An-‎Najah National University was ranked 1st in Palestine according to ‎the above mentioned ranking and 1374 among 30 thousand ‎universities around the world which makes it among top 5% of Arab ‎World universities.‎

This Webometrics ranking is based on highest number of citations ‎from research publications. According to the online research ‎gatekeeper, it is also a direct measurement of quality of research ‎output for the year.‎

An-Najah has calculated 57310 research citations of 110 of its best ‎researchers. ‎


The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, also known as ‎Ranking Web of Universities, is a ranking system for the world's ‎universities based on a composite indicator that takes into account ‎both the volume of the Web contents (number of web pages and files) ‎and the visibility and impact of these web publications according to ‎the number of external inlinks (site citations) they received. The ‎ranking is published by the Cybermetrics Lab, a research group of the ‎Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) located in Madrid.‎

The aim of the Ranking is to improve the presence of the academic ‎and research institutions on the Web and to promote the open access ‎publication of scientific results. The ranking started in 2004 and is ‎updated every January and July. Today it provides Web indicators ‎for more than 12,000 universities worldwide.‎

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