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Dr. Nimer Khraim, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at An-Najah National University has been recently awarded the very first Max Huber Fellowship offered by the DAAD Foundation which is an unincorporated, independent foundation which operates under the trusteeship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

By: Shatha Jararaa

With this achievement, Dr. Khraim, who was also awarded with the Merial Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Prize*, is considered one of the most distinguished researchers in Palestine and the world.

As part of the fellowship programme, Dr. Khraim will conduct a research project this summer at Hannover which will pave the way to further fruitful cooperation between An-Najah and the colleagues from Hannover in the future.

The only faculty of veterinary medicine in Palestine

Being the only faculty of veterinary medicine in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, An-Najah's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was established in 2000 in Tulkarm-Khadouri Campus. The faculty aims at improving the national income, providing food security and maintaining public health. The faculty includes a number of facilities, laboratories, clinics, centres and medical units and provides services and consulting for various institutions of animal health.

The fellowship

The fellowship has been created in honor of Professor Max Huber who has served as DAAD Vice President for 16 years. Prof. Huber passed away last year and his family had asked the public to donate in his name in order to create a fellowship to support researchers who promote international cooperation.

Prof. Huber

From 1996 onwards, Prof. Huber was DAAD Vice President for four full terms of office, a total of 16 years, combining great strength with passionate commitment. As Vice Chancellor of the University of Bonn and as a physicist who had excellent international connections, Prof. Huber met all the requirements for the position of DAAD Vice President. He had valuable experience in higher education and research management, a rich network of personal and professional contacts throughout the world and a visionary view of developments in Germany’s academic system. One of his key objectives was to strengthen the international competitiveness of Germany as a place to study and to attract “smart minds” to German universities. Prof. Huber was a trailblazer in believing that a systematically planned and institutionally anchored marketing strategy was essential to ensure Germany’s international success as a place to study and do research. In 2012, Professor Huber was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, First Class, for his outstanding work.

Education & Career

Dr. Khraim obtained his BSc in veterinary medicine from Mousel University in Iraq and his MSc in veterinary surgery from the Jordan University of Science and Technology. He also obtained his PhD in veterinary surgery from the University of Veterinary Medicine (TIHO), Hannover – Germany. Through his rich career, he occupied several positions at An-Najah National University where his journey started in 2005. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of An-Najah and co-advisor at the University of Hannover.

On this occasion, Mrs. Christina Stahlbock, Director of DAAD Information Centre East Jerusalem expressed her pride that this special honor is granted to Palestine. She mentioned that it is a proof for the excellency of Palestinian scholars in general and An-Najah's in particular.

Prof. Maher Natsheh, Acting President of An-Najah said that this great achievement promotes An-Najah's excellency as a central academic and research hub in the history of Palestine.

In turn, Dr. Khraim thanked An-Najah administration and staff for offering him support and highlighted the role of the Prime Minister Prof. Rami Hamdallah who started the cooperation with the German universities. He extended his thanks to Prof. Natsheh who always supports An-Najah researchers and scientists.


*Awarded every two years, the Merial Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Prize takes the shape of a further education grant attributed to a young and promising veterinarian from an emerging country identified as being able to make an important contribution to research in bovine medicine in a Faculty in Western Europe and subsequently to share this knowledge with his/her peers in his/her country of origin. This opportunity is made possible thanks to the combined action of the Fund and sponsorship by Merial which is used to cover tuition and living expenses during the training period.

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