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An-Najah National University has paid great attention to scientific research as it is one of the pillars of internationalization. Thus, the university focuses not only on staff production but also on students’.

An-Najah’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences focuses on scientific research through the graduation project course. The course equals 6 credit hours and includes conducting research on different topics with regard to community health.

During the year 206-2017, the faculty has produced 42 student projects which were supervised by faculty experts.

On this context, Dr. Eyad Al-Ali, Coordinator of Scientific Research at the Faculty of Medicine said that 30 papers were sent to prominent international journals for publishing, two of which were submitted.

Several papers were conducted either inside the faculty labs or at An-Najah National University Hospital and other hospitals.

Dr. Abdulsalam Khayyat, Supervisor of Student Research at the faculty gave examples of the research topics including type 2 diabetes, women’s health, cancer, drug and alcohol abuse, bacterial infections and blood pressure.

The conducted studies serve the local community as they address actual problems on community health. Therefore, the research results are submitted to competent authorities in Palestine.

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