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An-Najah National University is pleased to announce the call for abstracts and presentation ‎proposals for the upcoming conference ‘Women Between Patriarchy and Colonialism: ‎Women’s Experiences in a Colonial Context’ on April 15th and 16th, 2019.‎ This conference will bring together both activism and research to reflect on women’s strategies ‎to survive everyday life in a colonial context.

The conference will showcase conceptual, theoretical and empirical research that explore ‎the experience of women in conflict areas. Prevailing discourses, ideologies, politics, social ‎practices and trends within these societies will be analyzed through a gendered lens. ‎‎ Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, the Conference will incorporate research papers ‎and practical case studies in a variety of fields including sociology, anthropology, political ‎science, media and gender studies.‎

The conference will strive to amplify women’s experiences of militarization, refugee status, ‎political participation, economic empowerment, and violence both regionally and globally.‎

Below are the themes of the conference:‎

  • Women’s Political Participation Under Colonialism and Occupation ‎
  • Women’s Social and Health Conditions Under Colonialism and Occupation
  • Women’s Roles in Security and Peacemaking‎
  • Women’s Economic Participation Under Colonialism and Occupation
  • Women’s Entrepreneurship Under Colonialism and Occupation
  • Women’s Experiences as Refugees
  • The Role of Civil Society in Motivating Women’s Participation Under Colonialism and ‎Occupation
  • Women’s Strategies to Preserve Memories Under Colonialism and Occupation
  • Women Between Religious Ideologies and Secular Ideologies ‎
  • Women Between International Conventions and Local Legislations ‎
  • Any other topic that serve issues related to gender under colonialism and occupation

Abstracts and presentation proposals can be submitted in either Arabic or English, and ‎should be no longer than 450 words. Send your abstract and short biography to ‎[email protected]

Important dates:‎

  • Deadline for abstract submission: 10th of November, 2018 ‎
  • Date of notification of acceptance by: 30th of November, 2018 ‎
  • Full Paper by 30th of March, 2019‎
  • Deadline for conference registration: 30th of March, 2019‎
  • Conference dates:  April 15th and 16th, 2019‎

For any inquiries regarding the conference, please contact: [email protected]

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