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Under the patronage of Prime Minister, Professor Rami Hamdallah

An-Najah National University, the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Palestinian Association ‎of Certified Public Accountants (PACPA) cordially invite you to participate in the Joint Regional ‎Conference titled:‎

The Role of Auditing in Promoting Governance and Anti-Corruption


The conference aims at keeping up with most recent developments and modifications made on the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This in turn will upgrade the auditors’ role and increase their responsibilities to produce more realistic financial reports of high quality. It will also serve the reports’ users and encourage auditors to fight corruption.

First Theme:  “Auditing in Fighting Corruption”‎
This theme addresses:‎

  • ‎The role of the auditing profession in promoting censorship and fighting corruption
  • ‎Professional judgment and responsibilities of external auditors
  • ‎The importance of implementing ISA to promote the concept of anti-corruption

Second Theme: “Auditing Pillars in Promoting Good Governance”‎
This theme addresses:‎

  • ‎Governance rules, mechanisms and the role in fighting different forms of corruption
  • ‎The reality of corporate governance in Arab countries
  • ‎External auditor's reliance on the results of internal auditing to promote governance

Third Theme: “Regulatory Environment for Auditing Profession”‎
This theme addresses‏:‏

  • ‎The importance of implementing the code of ethics for professional accountants
  • ‎Legal references for auditing
  • ‎The role of auditing organizers in promoting governance and anti-corruption

Fourth Theme: “To What Extent IFRS Matches Anti-Corruption Control”‎
This theme addresses:‎

  • ‎The effect of compliance to ISA and its role in promoting the IFRS and anti-corruption
  • ‎Controlling responsibility in preparing financial statements

The conference preparatory committee is looking forward to seeing you at the conference. You ‎can choose any topic related to the conference’s themes in your papers. Your paper must not ‎exceed 25 A4 pages and must be typed in Simplified Arabic, font 14.‎

You can also choose other topics provided that the conference scientific committee approves.  ‎Please fill in the application forms and submit them with the abstract (one A4 page) before ‎December 12th, 2016. The committee will inform you with the accepted papers one week later, ‎and selected papers will be submitted until January 15th, 2017.‎

For submission, please contact Mr. Bilal Fares, PACPA Executive Director on [email protected] or ‎on ‎‏00972599723546‏‎.‎

  • Deadline to submit applications forms abroad: February, 15th, 2017‎
  • Deadline to submit abstracts: January 31st, 2017‎
  • Deadline to submit full research: February 15th, 2017

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