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The 14th Jerusalem Day Conference

December 6, 2018‎

‎"The Status of Jerusalem in the Current Palestinian Context"‎

After one year of Trump's statement to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israeli


Jerusalem's Arabic, Islamic and Christian identity is facing growing threats. These ‎threats have grown more and more when Trump stated the recognition of Jerusalem ‎as the capital of Israel and ordered to transfer the American Embassy to Jerusalem. ‎Therefore, Palestine as well as the Arab World must confront this challenge by ‎setting convenient plans and strategies.‎

And hence, An-Najah National University is holding the 14th Jerusalem Day ‎Conference titled: "The Status of Jerusalem in the Current Palestinian Context".‎


  • The impact of Trump's statement on the future of Jerusalem
  • The role of national and Islamic forces in preserving Jerusalem as an Arab ‎Palestinian city
  • The Arab and Islamic countries attitude of Trump's statement
  • The United Nations and Western countries attitude towards the issue of ‎Jerusalem
  • The public role in preserving and defending the Arab identity of Jerusalem
  • Threats of Judaizing Jerusalem after Trump's statement

Participation Conditions

The conference’s scientific committee welcomes all Palestinian and non-Palestinian ‎‎participants. ‎

Kindly take into consideration the following:‎

  • Research papers must be written in grammatically correct Arabic.‎
  • Presented research must not be published by other institutions.‎
  • Submitted research must follow academic research principles.‎
  • Each research paper must not exceed 20 pages.‎
  • Research papers are to be reviewed by the scientific committee.‎
  • Submitted research should cover one of the conference’s themes.‎

Important Dates

  • The conference: An-Najah National University, Nablus on Thursday, ‎December 6, 2018‎
  • Abstract submission deadline: June 30, 2018‎
  • The conference committee reply for accepted paper: July 15, 2018‎
  • ‎Complete research submission deadline: October 15, 2018‎

Scientific and Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Khalil Odeh (rapporteur)‎
  • Dr. Suheil Salha (member)‎
  • Dr. Amer Al Qubbaj (member)‎
  • Dr. Ahmed Musa (member)‎
  • Mr. Musa Abu Dayyeh (member)‎
  • Miss. Yamama Daoud (member)‎
  • Mr. Mohammed Wahbeh (secretary)‎

Contact Information

For contact and inquiry: ‎

Conference Rapporteur

Prof. Khalil Odeh

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