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Dear Donor,

We at An-Najah National University appreciate your support and donation as you prove to be an inspiring model who contributes to achieving a vision for better education. We believe that one person can change the world, and we won't go further without your generous support. You are an integral part of the University's continuing legacy.

With your contribution, we go further to produce human cadres who can achieve sustainable community development.

All academic and non-academic institutions seek to develop in order to achieve excellence. With your contribution, we aspire to offer the best services and invest in rich minds. It will also help us develop curricula, and enrich academic and administrative experiences, as well as provide equipment and resources to keep up with scientific developments.

Your donation allows students to pursue their educational dreams, as the University offered 8.708 scholarships for the academic year 2019/2020. This equals 37% of students' total number.

In addition, you contribute to achieving the University's aspirations and message, as your donation supports the university to overcome financial and educational challenges the Palestinian community is facing.

Help us pursue limitless possibilities and make countless lives better. Your contribution will upgrade the educational process, and cultivate the concept of community partnership at its core.

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