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An-Najah Loyalty Fund

An-Najah National University is a prominent leading university in Palestine as ‎it was ranked first in Palestine in the Webometrics Ranking of World ‎Universities. The university also produced more than 5.000 graduates ‎occupying leading positions locally and internationally; therefore, it has a ‎numerous number of the fund’s members.‎

The fund was established to pave the way to the fund’s members offer aid and ‎support to An-Najah needy enrollees as its vision is based on “Education is ‎Right for everyone”.‎

An-Najah Loyalty Fund was established in 2015 and is dedicated to raise money for students in ‎need.‎


The fund aims at paving the way for fundraising, supporting the university to carry out its duties ‎and encouraging social responsibility and collaboration.‎

The fund provides the university with money to:‎

  • ‎Equip it with computer devices and other tools.
  • ‎Equip its libraries with books and references ‎.
  • ‎Build and maintain the university’s facilities.
  • ‎Host extracurricular activities.
  • ‎Support the Needy Students’ Fund.

The fund receives donations from businessmen and businesswomen working in Palestine or ‎abroad, local institutions and associations as well as An-Najah graduates and other members of ‎the Palestinian community.‎

The university fundraises through the university’s bank accounts, checks, cash, remittances, ‎direct visits or goods.‎

An-Najah's Needy Student Fund aims at offering needy students ‎enrolled in the university financial aids that allow them practice their ‎educational rights on campus.‎

The fund targets:‎

  • ‎Students enrolled in the Ministry of Social Affairs.
  • ‎Needy orphan students.
  • ‎Those who have more than one brother studying at the ‎university.
  • ‎Those who have a family member with a chronic disease.
  • ‎Low-income cases.

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