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Professor Maher Natsheh, An-Najah University President honored the representatives of An- An-Najah Bio-Sciences Unit (NBU).

The Palestinian pharmaceutical industry has recently witnessed a remarkable ‎development in all manufacturing and technical fields through the quality of the ‎manufactured products in Palestine and keeping up with the international quality ‎standards. ‎ ‎

However, all the Palestinian medicines are local generics which are manufactured in ‎pharmaceutical forms derived from the original brands. Accordingly, the ‎pharmaceutical companies are requested to perform bioequivalence studies (BE); ‎which are designed to compare the local (generic) with the brand (originator) ‎medicines on healthy volunteers.‎

And due to the absence of BE service in Palestine, local companies are forced towards ‎carrying out BE studies outside Palestine, which is a waste of effort and energy.

To complete the University role in improving its health services, actively contribute ‎in protecting the Palestinian citizen, advance the pharmaceutical industries and ‎provide the efficient local medicine to the Palestinian citizen at the lowest prices, the ‎University has taken upon itself to launch the "BE Unit" project.‎

NBU strives to be a lead full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) in ‎Palestine with a build-up remarkable contribution in best serving the pharmaceutical ‎industry around the globe.‎

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