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Scientific Centers

Scientific Centers are the platform for research and project implementation that links the University with the community.

The University, represented by its Board of Trustees and its Administration, continues its efforts to establish scientific centers that will contribute to sustainable development and maintain and enrich resource infrastructure of the Palestinian community.

Founded in 1994, the Scientific Centers of An-Najah University now includes 9 centers, each has its own sub units built according to the University's strategic and development plan. More

Dr. Ihab Hijazi
Centers' Coordinator

The Scientific Centres aspire to promote An-Najah as a leading academic ‎institution in scientific research. The centres also aspire to bridge ties with the ‎local institutions that offer support to the development projects in the fields of ‎water, environment, energy, urban planning and disaster risk management as ‎well as building research, transportation, chemical and biological analysis and ‎community service.

The centres aim at linking the university’s academics with the public and ‎private sectors in Palestine and abroad and adopting their competencies to ‎serve the university and the Palestinian community.‎

Dr. Ihab Hijazi - Centers' Coordinator

Dr. Hijazi is associate professor of Geographic Information Science at Urban Planning Engineering Department, An-Najah National University in Palestine. Also, he is the director of urban planning unit. Dr Hijazi published more than 60 papers in 3D urban information Modeling and GIS. He is a consultant and expert in urban planning and GIS.

Dr. Imad Ibrik - Energy Research Center (ERC)

Specialized in Power System Engineering and Planning, Dr. Imad Ibrik holds a ‎doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering. He is currently Associate Professor and Director of Energy Research Centre of An-Najah ‎National University. He is also a consultant and expert in the area of Energy ‎Efficiency and Renewable Energy‏.‏

Prof. Jalal Dabbeek‎ - Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction Center

Jalal Dabeek, Professor at the Faculty of Engineering and IT, holds a PhD in ‎earthquake engineering ‎(design buildings resistant to earthquakes and disaster risk ‎reduction). He is Director of Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction Centre at ‎An-Najah ‎and Vice President of Palestinian National Agency for Disaster Risk ‎Mitigation.‎

Dr. Amjad I.A. Hussein - Analysis, Poison Control and Calibration ‎Center (APCC)‎

Dr. Hussein finished his graduate study toward Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from ‎Kanazawa University, Japan. ‎Currently, he is a lecturer at faculty of Medicine and Health ‎Sciences and appointed as Director of Poison ‎Control and Chemical-Biological Analysis ‎Centre. His research interest is Antimicrobial activity of nano-particles ‎in different medical ‎and pharmaceutical combinations.

Dr. Sanaa Alsarghali - Constitutional Studies Centre and UNESCO Chair on Human Rights and Democracy and Peace

The first Palestinian female Assistant Professor in constitutional law in Palestine. She also holds an LLM in law from Durham University and a BA in Law from An-Najah University.

Dr. Abdel Fattah R. Hasan - Water and Environmental Studies Institute (WESI)

He is staff member, Civil and Environmental Engineering Assistant Professor, a former Head of the Civil Engineering Department at An-Najah University. Currently he is running the Water and Environmental Studies Institute (WESI) at An-Najah University and is member of Nablus Municipal Council.

Mr. Bilal Salameh - Community Service and Continuing Education Center

Mr. Salameh holds an MA in Community Service and another one in ‎Educational Management. He is a former ‎Dean for Students’ Affair and is ‎currently Director of the Community Service and Continuing Education Centre ‎at ‎An-Najah.‎

Dr. Hani Al-Farran - Interior design and TV decoration Centre

Dr. Al-Farran is a lecturer at An-Najah’s Faculty of Fine Arts. He obtained his PhD in interior ‎architecture (Television Decoration and Lighting division) from Damascus University. Currently, He ‎is the Director of the Interior Design and Television Decoration Centre and Head of the Applied Arts ‎Department at An-Najah.‎

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