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An-Najah National University, and the Nablus Chamber of Commerce ‎and Industry recently held a press conference to ‎announce MoreThanAJob Project which aims to enforce social ‎inclusion of vulnerable, and unemployed populations ‎by applying ‎best practices for more effective collaboration of the social and ‎‎solidarity economy (SSE) actors with the public administration.‎

The project is funded by the ‎European Union, under the ENI CBC ‎MED program. The program is managed by ‎the Autonomous Region ‎of Sardinia (Italy). It aims to promote cross-border ‎collaboration in ‎the Mediterranean region. ‎ ‎

The press conference began with an opening speech delivered by the ‎Chairman of Nablus Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Omar ‎Hashim welcoming the attendees, and the project seven fellow ‎‎partners from the five below Mediterranean countries: An-Najah ‎National ‎University (ANNU) – Palestine, Nablus chamber of ‎commerce and industry ‎‎(NCCI) – Palestine, Ministry of Public Works ‎& Housing (MPWH) – Jordan, ‎Mutah University (MUTAH) – Jordan, ‎Business Consultancy and Training ‎Services (BCTS) – Lebanon, ‎International Cooperation (CESIE) – Italy, Euro ‎training Educational ‎Organization SA (EUROTRAINING) – Greece.‎

Mr. Hashim affirmed the importance of relations between NCCI, and ‎An-Najah University. He ‎praised the University's role in serving the ‎Palestinian community through building strong local ‎and international ‎business relationships.‎

Dr. Mohammad Al-Subu, Vice President ‎for Academic Affairs noted ‎that the labour market is unable to absorb more graduates of ‎academic specializations. Therefore, efforts should be directed ‎towards promoting, and developing industrial, and professional ‎specializations in the Palestinian community. He also emphasized on ‎the importance of developing, and promoting effective local and ‎global partnerships as well as providing graduates with placement ‎opportunities to improve student employability.‎

The event also included speeches delivered by the project coordinator ‎Dr. Imad Ibrik, and the Director of An-Najah's Career and Alumni ‎Affairs Unit Mr. Rafi Daraghmeh. ‎

The meeting concluded with a discussion about the best practices to ‎guarantee project success in the project management process.‎

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