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An-Najah National University, represented by the Analysis, Poison Control and ‎Calibration Center (APCC) has recently participated in the World Health ‎Organization (WHO) Workshop titled "Expert Consultation for Finalization of ‎Regional Framework for Public Health Response to Chemical Events and for ‎Establishing Regional Network of Poison Centers for International Health (IHR) ‎Implementation". The workshop was held at the Landmark Hotel in Amman, Jordan ‎over the period of 16-18 February, 2019.‎

The workshop focused on the role of the International Health Regulations (IHR) in ‎chemical accident management and the challenges to the implementation of these ‎regulations. The workshop discussed many topics on "Management of Chemical ‎incidents and Emergences"‎

Dr. Amjad Hussein, Director of APCC Center and Assistant Professor in the Faculty ‎of Medicine and Health Sciences at An-Najah, gave a presentation about the APCC ‎center, its development, units, laboratories and services delivered to the local ‎community especially in the fields of chemicals analysis and poisoning cases and ‎their management.‎

Dr. Hussein referred to the accomplishments achieved by the center in the previous ‎year, which included providing medical advice on poisoning and specialized clinical ‎consultation for different cases daily and around the clock. He also talked about the ‎future goals of the center, commended the role of its staff in improving it, and ‎mentioned that the Unit is directed by Dr. Sa’ed Zyoud who is a specialist in clinical ‎toxicology.‎

The workshop discussed possible means of mutual cooperation among the parties ‎involved to build further ‎relations with the poison control centres in the Arab region. ‎

Following the workshop, all participants visited the Jordan Poison Center and the ‎toxicology lab at the University of Jordan, and they were updated on recent ‎developments and ‎activities of the centre. ‎

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