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Four students from the Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Department of An-Najah National University's Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology have been qualified to represent the ‎University in the InnovationH Competition in Tunisia.

The InnovationH Competition challenges individual candidates or candidate teams to use their creativity to develop innovative, cost-effective and practical lifting solutions for people with mobility impairment from developing countries for indoor and outdoor uses.

 It is organized by the Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA) member Dr. Lilia ROMDHANE from the Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte (University of Carthage), Tunisia, in cooperation with AGYA alumnus Dr. Tobias REDLICH, from the Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg, Germany in collaboration with Ecole Supérieure Privée d’Ingénierie et de Technologies, (ESPRIT).

An-Najah team which is the only winning and qualified team from Palestine to participate in the competition, passed the first phase of the competition successfully.

The Phase I Online Seminar of the InnovationH Competition took place on 02-03 October 2020. Followed by an international call in Germany and the Arab world, a selection committee with members from Tunisia and Germany reviewed the applications of candidates and invited the most promising ones to take part in this competition.

During the Phase I event, the candidates interacted online with scientists and experts in the field of engineering design as well as people with special needs.

After the successful pitch of ideas and concepts, the selection committee invited the best 5 project ideas to the Phase II Fabrication Workshop and the laboratories of ESPRIT will be held in Tunisia to manufacture a prototype of their ideas in 2021. The winning team will take home 1,500 EUR.

An-Najah Team's project titled:" Standing and Toilet Wheelchair" focused on two main ideas: the first one is the standing wheelchair that will help disabled people to serve themselves independently at home and anytime e.g., to prepare breakfast or turn on/off lighting, etc. The second one is that most people with special needs in Palestine suffer from the use of the toilet, the project will help them to reduce their suffering to make it easier more than it is now. Moreover, the project will give them the freedom of going to toilet and reduce their embarrassment that could happened if there is a person that will help them to do that.

An-Najah team, which included students Husam Naser, Adel Al-Haj, Abdelatif Hanani, and Motaz Al-Nabulsi, was supervised by Dr. Mohammad Abuabiah from the Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Department at An-Najah.

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