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On Sunday, September 20, 2020, An-Najah National University, represented by Dr. Saida Affouneh, Dean of the Faculty of Educational Science and Teacher Training, and Director of An-Najah's E-Learning Center, participated in the fourth international student webinar titled: "Introduction to 2020 Global Competition on Design for future Education" as part of the 2020 Global Competition on Design for Future Education.

The webinar included a presentation given by Dr. Affouneh titled: "The future of Education after Covid-19: uncertainty, a new role for youth, technology based learning, new skills. Behave locally and think globally".

She talked about the Futures of Education after COVID-19, and said: "The COVID-19 pandemic has changed education forever. Following the serious syndromes of pandemic, there are multiple disruptions locally and globally, including technological, economic, social, political, cultural and learning disruptions, creating various challenges to education systems worldwide."

She added:" This pandemic led most of higher education institutions to think about alternative ways of providing education to ensure that learning never stops, and most universities rushed to online distance education using online platforms, e-learning, and ICTs, which set off an unplanned and rapid shift in the education sector, opened the door to many opportunities, highlighted existing and new disparities and gave rise to several challenges."

"Now there’s even more ambiguity about the future of education, and we can't go back, we have to worry only about the best way of moving forward, where technology will play a big role to succeed in this critical time." Dr. Affouneh explained.

She also said: "To enable remote learning, technology will kick in big time, and the role of young people is very essential, they must be creative and responsible citizens in shaping and redesigning the future education agenda, and we have to listen to them."

It is worth mentioning that the webinar included fifty participants from different Palestinian universities.

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The GCD4FE is a new event to challenge creativity and cooperation capacity of students. The competition applies the form of promotion in rank. According to the proposition of the competition, with the limit of deadline and the guidance of supervisors who are in areas of education, design and computer science, all the team will analyze various designing factors from the perspective of initial demands, such as objective users, relative groups, competitors, applying scenarios, etc., and continuously select, modify and optimize their design, plan and make prototypes. Through the combination of different dimensions and methods, the teams are expected to offer an organized mindset structure for provoking designing thoughts and analysis, and finally to demonstrate a complete set of design plans and prototypes of products.

This competition will continue to provide interactive opportunities for interdisciplinary and cross-nationality learning and sharing. The competition will be held online in the form of "cloud design" to gather innovative ideas on future education from different universities and various professional fields worldwide, promoting academic exchanges among universities, improving students' communication skills and creating space-crossing practical opportunities.

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