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An-Najah University and Sama Pharmaceuticals Company explored means of future cooperation during an official visit by the University to the company’s headquarter. The visit was conducted by the President of the University, Prof Maher Natsheh and a number of faculty members from the Faculty of Medicine and Health sciences, and the Public Relations Department.The delegation was welcomed by Sama’s Chairman of the Board of Directors; Engineer Mahmoud Al-Zalmout and the Director General of the Company, Dr. Adeeb Al-Saifi.

The visit aimed to explore prospects of future cooperation between the two ‎institutions in order to develop the linkage between the academic and the ‎industrial sectors, and strengthen the partnership between the University ‎and Sama Company in different areas. ‎

Prof Natsheh commended the constant efforts of Sama in developing the ties ‎with the University, and its determination to keep up with research and ‎development, which contributes to the realization of the Sustainable ‎Development Goals (SDGs). He also stressed on the University’s leading ‎role in in encouraging scientific research and applied research that serves ‎local community through creating partnership with the industrial sector in ‎Palestine.‎

Al-Zalmout in turn stressed on the importance of strategic partnership with ‎An-Najah University, and the cooperation in providing different ‎consultancy services in the fields of medical projects and research. He also ‎praised the distinguished services provided by An-Najah's BioSciences Unit ‎in.‎

The university delegation toured the company and were introduced to the ‎different departments including quality assurance and packaging, ‎laboratories and the warehouse.

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