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The Department of Social Service of the Faculty of Economics and ‎Social Sciences at An-Najah University in collaboration with the Association of Nablus Area Family Diwans and  ‎the Police Directorate in Nablus, recently organized a workshop titled ‎‎" The Scourge of Drugs in Palestinian Society: Challenges and ‎Solutions".‎

The workshop covered several topics most important are: the ‎definition of drugs, types of drugs, physical and social effects of ‎drugs, symptoms of drug abuse.‎

The workshop aimed to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs abuse ‎especially among youth and the potential for addiction that increased ‎due to the physical need that the body develops once the drug's effects ‎are achieved. ‎

It also aimed to help the University's students and the public ‎understand the causes of drug abuse and to prevent its onset.‎

Furthermore, the workshop also focused on discussing the negative ‎health and social consequences caused by drug use in the Palestinian ‎Society.‎

Participants talked about the addiction that has the unfortunate side ‎effects of mental and physical withdrawal and this can lead to need ‎for medical and psychological intervention in order to break free from ‎the addiction that develops.‎

They also emphasized on the crucial role that the family, community, ‎social and educational institutions and organizations play in ‎combating drug abuse.‎

At the end of the workshop, students asked number of questions and ‎discussed the nature and seriousness of this problem. They also ‎suggested the best prevention programs that can be developed and ‎implemented to address the problem.‎


The workshop was attended by Dr. Maher Abu Zant, President's ‎Assistant for Community Affairs, Dr. Haitham Owaida, Dean of the ‎Faculty of Economics and Social Studies, Dr. Asaad Taffal, Head of ‎the Sociology and Social Work Department at the University and ‎representatives of the Police Directorate in Nablus as well as a ‎number of academic and administrative staff and students.‎

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