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Dr. Naeem Salameh, Dean of An-Najah University's Faculty of Law recently hosted a delegation from Bisan Center for Research and Development. The meeting aimed at sharing opinions, thoughts and observations on mutual cooperation and developing effective partnership to offer a joint training program. Both parties have agreed ‎to develop academic ‎relations and work towards developing an MOU in ‎the near future.

The program targets third-and fourth-year students from ‎the University's Faculty of Law. It is designed to provide law students with information about economic, social and legal rights as well as social justice under Palestinian legislation and international agreements.

It is worth mentioning that the training will include diverse extracurricular activities and will cover topics related to gender-based violence (violence against women and girls).


Bisan Center for Research and Development is a Palestinian civil society organization. The center supports poor and marginalized groups to get their socio-economic rights in the context of national and democratic liberation in Palestine. The center supports those groups through building partnerships with civil society organizations and academic institutions.


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