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Prof. Maher Al-Natsheh, An-Najah University's President, welcomed ‎a delegation from the University of Texas at Austin. The delegation, ‎consisting of, Dr. Sharon Mosher, Dean of Jackson School of ‎Geosciences, and Dr. Belle German, Director of Development and ‎Alumni Relations at the University of Texas at Austin were ‎both keen to learn about An-Najah University and discuss possible ‎means of collaboration.‎

The delegation was accompanied with Mr. Munib Al-Masri, President ‎of the Munib R. Masri Development Foundation.‎

Prof. Al-Natsheh briefed the delegation on An-Najah's history, ‎academic programs, research achievements, the international ranking ‎positions the University currently holds, as well as the political ‎challenges that face Higher Education Institutions in Palestine.‎

Mr. Al-Masri talked about the role of the Munib R. Masri ‎Development Foundation in promoting and strengthening regional and ‎international academic ‎collaboration and exchange.‎

The delegation emphasized on the importance of developing student ‎and academic exchange programs.‎

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