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On Tuesday, November 12, 2019, University President Maher Natsheh, welcomed an academic delegation from the University of ‎Palermo. The Delegation was headed by Prof. Serena Marceno, Associate Professor of Political ‎Philosophy.  The delegation ‎included different academics from the ‎University of Palermo.

The visit aimed to discuss possible means of collaboration ‎between the two universities in ‎academic, research. As ‎well as developing student and staff exchange programs.

Natsheh also expressed hope to establish ‎collaboration in different ‎programs. Such as sending ‎Palestinian students to attend ‎the University of ‎Palermo. ‎

The delegation commended An-Najah's academic and research ‎developments despite the ‎difficult political and financial situations. They ‎also emphasized that the University of Palermo appreciates diversity and aims to receive students from ‎different parts of the world. ‎

The delegation also discussed further means of partnership ‎between the two universities. Including, building ‎and developing collaboration in different fields such as; scientific ‎disciplines, human rights, social sciences, cultural studies, ‎comparative ‎literature, and media especially on PhD level.‎

After the meeting, the delegation took a tour of the New Campus, ‎‎including the Media ‎Center, the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers ‎Institute. The delegation were able to learn more about the University's facilitates, ‎services and ‎‎infrastructure. ‎


The delegation were welcomed by the following :  Dr. Naeem Salameh, Dean of An-Najah's ‎Faculty of Law, Dr. Sana Al-‎Sarghali, Acting Director of UNESCO Chair ‎on Democracy and Human Rights at the University, Dr. Joni ‎Aasi, ‎Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, and Mrs. Noor Hashayaka from PR ‎Department.‎

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