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The International Youth Exchange Program (Zajel) of An-Najah National University Public Relations Department has recently concluded its 3rd summer camp which included 11 European trainers and volunteers. The camp aimed at offering An-Najah National University students training on social media, short document production, public speaking in English and learning French through songs.

The camp included a series of visits to different places in Palestine to introduce the volunteers to social, economic and political life in Palestine and change the stereotyped image about Palestinian people, culture and history.

The volunteers visited several Palestinian cities and villages including Hebron, Bethlehem, Beit Sahour, Jericho, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Sebastia and other places. They also resided for 14 day in Nablus were they had been to An-Najah National University Campus to engage with the students.

The European guests were very much engaged in the Palestinian life that they were in direct contact with Palestinian residents in various parts.

The international volunteers' first destination was Hebron in which they went to the old city and Al-Ibrahimi Mosque.

In Bethlehem, the volunteers visited the old city, the Church of Nativity, Banksy's Walled Off Hotel and the Palestinian Heritage Center (PHC) and experienced the Jerusalem wilderness with the Bedouins of ’Arab Ar-Rashaida.

In Nablus, the visitors headed to Balata Camp, Joseph's Tomb, Al-Bathan Falls and Salah Khalaf Centre in Al-Far’a.

They also went to the Samaritan village to learn about its culture, heritage and traditions while the next stations in Ramallah were Yasser Arafat Museum and the Statue of Nelson Mandela.

During their visit to Jericho, the trainers learned about the importance of Jordan Valley and entered Jesus Baptismal Site and Deir Hajla, a Greek Orthodox monastery in the Judean Desert, north of the Dead Sea.

In addition, the camp included field trips to local companies such as the Palestine Red Crescent Society, Al-Amal Hospital and Isra Software and Computer Company to learn about the companies' function and the challenges facing the chairs and employees.

It also included a series of workshops that tackled issues such as the Palestinian history, political scene in Palestine and other important topics.

Finally, the camp was concluded with a meeting with Professor Maher Natsheh, President of An-Najah National University who thanked the volunteers for sharing their experience with the Palestinian students and upgrading their competency on different levels.

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