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An-Najah National University has recently participated in the 8th Scientific Day of the Palestinian Medical Technology Association (PMTA)- Nablus Branch, which took place at Hayat Nablus Hall on August, 23, 2019, under the slogan "Laboratory Professionals Get Results", and with a distinguished attendance of PMTA members from Nablus and all Palestinian governorates.

The event was inaugurated with words form representatives of Nablus Governorate, the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MoH) and the President of PMTA, Representatives of St. Luke’s Hospital - Nablus, Palestinian Dental Association, Palestine Pharmacists Association (PPA), as well as the companies and associations sponsoring this event.

The scientific day included scientific sessions attended by a number of lecturers at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of An-Najah.

Dr. Amjad Hussein, Director of the Analysis, Poison Control and Calibration Center (APCC) gave a lecture on the establishment of An-Najah's BioSciences Unit (NBU); which has been recently inaugurated, and its importance - as being part of APCC – the first site for testing the local medicines (produced by local pharmaceutical companies) and measuring their pharmacological effectiveness in comparison with their foreign medication counterpart through conducting bioequivalence studies on volunteers.

However, Dr. Amjad also briefly introduce the APCC units and its professional staff.

Dr. Adham Abu Taha, the Director of Medical Laboratories presented a scientific paper on the use of preoperative albumin level as an indicator of infection at the surgical site for cancer colectomy in patients with colon cancer patients in Palestine.

Dr. Wafa’a Menawi, a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and Quality Assurance Officer at the NBU, also had a role in supervising a scientific research delivered by Fatima Sa’d El-Din on testing the blood samples quality, being drawn from patients at the pre-arrival step to the laboratory for analysis and the necessity to take precautions in samples: identification, facility of their withdrawal from the patient, and their storage and transport to the laboratory at high qualified status.

By the end of the scientific day, shields of appreciation were given to all of those who contributed to the sponsorship of the Scientific Day, as well as to lecturers and directors of scientific sessions on that day.

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