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An-Najah Constitutional Studies Centre recently hosted H.E the Ambassador of Palestine Dr. Izzat Abdulhadi in a meeting about the Palestinian situation in Australia at the Faculty of Law Auditorium in the New Campus.

Dr. Abdulhadi shed light on important themes including political relations between Australia and Palestine, the Palestinian community and the civil society in Australia attitude towards current political situation, development aid programs for Palestine including scholarships.

H.E gave a brief on Australia in general as well as its capital Canberra and some prominent cities like Sydney and Melbourne referring to the legal and political attitude of the Palestinian cause there.

H.E discussed the efforts related to supporting the Palestinian cause by the Australian community and institutions putting pressure on the Australian government to recognize Palestine.

H.E proceeded to talk about the scholarships offered to Palestinian students and answered students' questions on the topics discussed.

Dr. Sana Al-Sarghali, An-Najah Constitutional Studies Centre Director inaugurated the meeting and talked about the Ambassador's career and educational life.

Dr. Naeem Salameh also welcomed the guest whose visit was part of the Faculty of Law vision to host international expertise and enrich students' knowledge.

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