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Students Jihad and Jafar Samaru, Volunteers of the International Youth Exchange Program (Zajel) have recently participated in a volunteer program in Namur, Belgium.

The program was over 14 days and included training on festival coordination and public relation skills. 16 volunteers from different countries around the world have been part of the program.

The program activities included workshops and presentations on minorities, refugees and migration. The participants were introduced to the challenges facing European societies with regards to minority groups suffering from integration difficulties.

Through their participation, Samaru students gained experience in PR, personality development, event management and cultural diversity. They also enhanced their English competency, self-reliance and problem solving skills.

Zajel tries to bridge a closer ‎understanding between Palestine and the West and raise the international ‎volunteers’ awareness of the Palestinian cause as well as deepen the cultural ‎dialogue that is based on difference. It also aims to plant the doctrine of ‎‎“accepting the other” inside An-Najah students.‎

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