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On Monday, July 22, 2019, and under the patronage of Mr. Sabih Al-Masri, Chairman of An-Najah's Board of Trustees, the University inaugurated the First ‎Bioequivalence Studies Center in Palestine.

The Inauguration ceremony was attended by Professor Rami Hamdallah, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees and a number of the Board's members and Prof. Maher Natsheh, University President as well as Dr. Bassim Khoury, President of the Union of Palestinian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers; Mr. Ammar Aker, Palestine Telecom Group CEO; Engineer Adly Yaish, Mayor of Nablus Municipality; Mr. Omar Hashim, Chairman of Nablus Chamber of Commerce and Industry in addition to other notable guests and attendees.

An-Najah's BioSciences Unit (NBU)‎ received the ‎Palestinian Ministry of Health accreditation and license, making An-Najah the first university in Palestine to establish a center for conducting ‎bioequivalence studies following international standards.‎

The Center will be devoted for providing Bioequivalence (BE) studies on locally ‎produced drugs and medicinal products in compliance with national and ‎international guidelines and with therapeutic equivalence evaluations.‎

The Center will be supervised by a qualified and well trained group of highly ‎motivated specialists in the field of medical science and health from the Faculty of ‎Medicine and Health Sciences as well as An-Najah National University Hospital in ‎cooperation with the private sector.‎

In the opening speech, Dr. Amjad Hussain, Director of An-Najah's BioSciences Unit (NBU)‎, commented on ‎the role of the new center and said: "the newly established Center will contribute ‎to a quantum leap in pharmaceutical industry and will offer a unique service to ‎Palestinian citizens."‎

He pointed out that the Center is not only the first of its kind in ‎Palestine, but also among only ten bioequivalence specialized centers in the Arab world.

Dr. Hussein also mentioned that that these studies will compare local and reference drug ‎products and will look at concentration ratios for both generic and brand drugs.‎

In his speech, Prof. Natsheh welcomed the attendees and said that the Center contributes to promoting the Palestinian product which will lead to a Palestinian health system.

He thanked the participating institutions for devoting their efforts to make the Center successful and paid tribute to An-Najah team who offered the needed support.

He concluded his speech with announcing the signing of the Center's first MOU with Sama Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Co. LTD which paves the way for further cooperation with other companies.

Dr. Khoury congratulated An-Najah for launching this initiative and talked about the challenges that faced Nablus over the years. He also talked about Nablus history, multi-cultural life, Nablus economy and the national and literal movements.

He shed light on the obstacles that hinder drugs manufacturing in Palestine and stressed the importance of the cooperation with An-Najah.

It is worth mentioning that An-Najah's BioSciences Unit consists of several ‎departments including the Technical/ Regulatory Department, Data Management & ‎Medical Writing (DMMW) Department, Bio-analytical laboratories, Clinical ‎Operations Department, IT Department, Calibration/Validation Department and ‎Quality Assurance (QA) Department.‎


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