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Dr. Amjad Abu El-Ezz, Lecturer at the Political Science Department of An-Najah's ‎Faculty of Economics and Social Studies recently concluded his participation in the Summer ‎School "Islam and Democracy", which was held in Europa University Flensburg ‎‎(EUF) in Germany, from ‎June 11h – June15th, 2019. ‎

The event was organized by the Seminar für Evangelische Theologie/Abteilung ‎Dialog der Religionen, in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Centre for ‎European Studies (ICES) and the International Center.‎

The summer school aimed at bringing together a number of prominent lecturers and ‎academics in the field of religion, reconciliation, and political science. It provided ‎an opportunity for the participants to present research papers on several topics ‎including International law, democracy and civil Islam ‎

Prof. Abu El-Ezz presented a research paper titled: "Hamas perspective on the peace ‎process in the Middle East" through which he shed light on the political situation in ‎Palestine.‎

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