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On Thursday, June 20, 2019, the Office of International Development and External ‎Affairs (IDEA) held a Career Readiness Workshop focused on applying for ‎international scholarships and jobs as well as interviews for jobs abroad. The ‎workshop was led by American English Language Fellow Ms Lacie Raymond with ‎Dr Abdalkarim Zawawi from the English Department.‎

The workshop included an overview of different skills and best practices for creating ‎the personal statement for international scholarship applications. From the ‎uniqueness of your story and the need to make your personal letter be about you, to ‎the importance of plagiarism or telling half-truths, Ms Lacie highlighted the ‎expectations of the most reputable universities of the important aspects that should ‎be present in a scholarship applicant’s personal statement.‎

In the second half of the session, Ms Lacie shared some important tips for a ‎successful interview, including the importance of having hard and soft skills that are ‎relevant to the job that’s advertised. The participants then were divided into groups ‎and prompted to brainstorm the best practices for before, during and after an ‎applicant sits for a job interview. Dr Rafe, head of the An-Najah Alumni Unit, and ‎Dr Abdalkarim emphasized to the participants the importance of building their ‎resumes by thinking about what skills they would like to have and doing training and ‎voluntary work that would help them acquire those skills.‎

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