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On Tuesday, June 18, 2019, Mr. Marc Frings, Head of the Office in Palestine for Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) ‎visited An Najah to give a guest lecture on the recent European Parliament elections and their implications ‎for Palestine. ‎

Dr. Mohammed Al Amleh welcomed Mr. Frings to An Najah National University along with the An Najah ‎University Debate Society  (NNUDS) who briefed him on the University’s debate team history and ‎accomplishments as well as the university’s priority to provide strong trainings and programs that enhance ‎students’ soft skills and critical thinking.‎

The lecture included an overview of the structure of European Parliament elections and what power it ‎structurally holds within the European Union as well as the results of the recent May 2019 elections.  Mr. ‎Frings also discussed the trends during the last five years of policy and votes taken by EU member states ‎related to Palestine and where those trends will probably go in coming years.  A discussion of populism as ‎well as different politically leaning parties from those with liberal to centrist and conservative values and ‎how they approach the crisis in Palestine was explored during the lecture.‎

The session was concluded with feedback from the participants about what they think is most important ‎for European policymakers to know about Palestinians that may be left out of the dominate narrative.‎ It is worth mentioning that the visit was organized by the International Development and External Affairs Office.

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