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In harmony with its mission, which is keeping up with current cultural, scientific and technological development, An-Najah National University has launched a group of websites to serve its students and the Palestinian community.

The websites are:

Sawa Website

Sawa is a platform that talks about the youth and the community and sheds light on ‎scientific updates.‎


Security and Safety Initiative      

The initiative aims at upgrading social awareness on safe usage of internet and ‎creating strategic partnership among institutions to offer victims of cybercrime ‎protection. The University adopts this initiative in cooperation with a number of ‎private and governmental institutions.‎

Website: /

Recorded Lectures Website

The University has hundreds of recorded lectures online on various topics.‎


Fatwa Website

The website answers students' questions on Islamic laws.‎


Holy Quran Website

The website offers full version of the Holy Quran and users can listen to full ‎recitation in Arabic.‎


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