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On Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019, Professor Maher Natsheh, Acting President ‎of An-Najah University and Dr. Kherieh Rassas, An-Najah’s Vice ‎President for International Development and External Affairs hosted H.E ‎Mr. Pierre Cochard, Consul General of the French Consulate General ‎Jerusalem to promote mutual cooperation in the field of academia ‎between An-Najah and French universities.‎

Professor Maher Natsheh thanked Mr. Cochard and commended the ‎Consulate's role in creating ties and facilitating academic exchanges ‎between An-Najah and French universities.‎

He briefed Mr. Cochard on An-Najah's history, academic development, ‎and programs as well as the various specializations it offers, and its ‎scientific centers. He also talked about the financial and political obstacles ‎that higher education in Palestine faces in terms of attracting international ‎students and staff to Palestinian universities.‎

In turn, Dr. Rassas welcomed the guest and mentioned that many of An-‎Najah's professors benefited from French scholarship programs and got ‎their PhD degrees from French universities.‎

Finally, Professor Natsheh stated that the university always aspires to reinforce cooperation and academic relations with French universities. He also explained the University's efforts to promote French Language by offering a French Minor and French elective courses and expressed An-Najah’s appreciation of the French Consulate’s consistent support.

Mr. Cochard thanked Professor Natsheh and Dr. Rassas for their ‎hospitality and expressed how impressed they are with An-Najah and its ‎French Department. He also talked about their wish to reinforce education ‎cooperation. He commended the current cooperation through the Winter ‎School of HEP and exchanges especially in the science field.‎

‎ He also commended An-Najah’s role as a leading university in Palestine ‎and the distinct academic relations it has with institutions around the ‎world. Then he expressed the Consulate's deep interest in developing its ‎relationships with the University and said that the consulate is ready to ‎offer assistance for university students and staff members to pursue their ‎higher education at French universities.‎

After the meeting, the delegation was taken on a tour of the New Campus, ‎including the Media ‎Center and Museum (located in the Faculty of Fine ‎Arts) to learn more about the University's facilitates, services and ‎infrastructure.‎

Thereafter, a number of An-Najah’s faculty staff gave presentations on ‎the various projects funded by Al-Maqdisi program in the fields of ‎chemistry, medicine, microbiology and engineering.‎

During their visit, the delegation visited the French Department and met ‎with a number of its faculty staff and students to learn about the several ‎activities held at the Department in cooperation with the French ‎Consulate. Moreover, the delegation was briefed about the various ‎specializations and programs offered by the French Department. The ‎delegation commended the academic efficiency of the Department's ‎students and teachers. ‎

The delegation was also invited to attend a special French-Palestinian Hip ‎Hop dance performance by Stereo 48 and Pokemon Crew entitled ‎‎”Empreinte”. The ceremony was hosted by An-Najah University and held ‎at the Prince Turkey Bin Abdel-Aziz Theatre in the New Campus.‎


The meeting was also attended by Mrs. Nawal BENZMOURI, Attachée for ‎university cooperation, Mr. Jean-Marie JESPERE, Attaché for educational ‎cooperation, Mr. Pierre CHEVALIER, Deputy Director of the French Institute, Dr. ‎Mohammad El-Amleh, VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Rasha Khayyat, Scholarships ‎Coordinator at An-Najah and Alumni and Beneficiary of Al-Maqdisi Program, Miss ‎Hadeel Al-Hadadeh, Acting Director of the Public Relations Department and the ‎International Office at An-Najah.‎

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