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On Thursday, March 28, 2019, Professor Maher Natsheh, Acting President of An-‎‎Najah received an American delegation from the University of Southern Califronia ‎and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The delegation ‎included Prof. ‎Yael Hochberg, Research Affiliate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ‎and Dr. Daniel Fehder, Assistant Professor in the University of Southern Califronia.‎

The delegation was also received by Dr. Mohammad Al-Amleh, Vice President of ‎‎Academic Affairs, Dr. Yahya Saleh, Head of NaBIC, Dr. Abdelrazzaq Natsheh, Head ‎of CELT, the ‎International Office and the PR Department at An-Najah.‎

The visit aimed at discussing possible areas of future joint cooperation between ‎the University of Southern Califronia ‎and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ‎and An-Najah National ‎University in terms of ‎conducting joint development projects between the two parties in the fields of ‎technology and entrepreneurship. Both parties have agreed ‎to develop academic ‎relations and work towards developing an MOU in ‎the near future.

Prof. Natsheh welcomed the delegation and expressed his interest in ‎developing ‎more relations with the University of Southern Califronia ‎and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He further discussed means of ‎academic cooperation with regards to establishing joint development projects in the ‎fields of entrepreneurship and innovation.‎

In turn, Prof. Hochberg said that this visit aims at discussing the possibility of ‎establishing a project with particular focus on entrepreneurship, she also explained ‎that this project focuses on teaching Palestinian students how to start high-tech ‎businesses that do not require a large amount of investment. The Project will target a ‎group of An-Najah Engineering, Economics, and Business students, who have taken ‎at least one programming course and are about to enter the labour market whether ‎they are Bachelor's or Master's graduates, as well as An-Najah professors who will ‎be invited to participate.‎

Dr. Yahya, Dr. Mohammad, and Dr. Abdelrazzq briefed the delegates on the ‎University's efforts to shift its educational system to a more entrepreneurial ‎framework through strategies that include offering innovation courses which meet ‎the project's goals. ‎

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