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An-Najah National University, represented by Dr. Saida Affouneh, Dean of the ‎Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teacher Training at An-Najah in cooperation ‎with South African institutions of higher learning, including the Afro-Middle East ‎Center in Johannesburg and two South African universities held the 'Teaching ‎Palestine: Pedagogical Praxis and the Indivisibility of Justice Conference' in South ‎Africa during the period March 18- March ‎‎19, 2019. 

The conference focused on bringing together South African and international ‎participants to contextualize the praxis of Palestine as a justice issue in its multiple ‎manifestations and nuanced dialectics. The conference also examined the tensions ‎and contradictions of the academy and the community dialectic, bringing up ‎questions of social movements and intellectual inquiry.‎

Dr. Affouneh presented a ‎research paper titled: " linking Classroom Education to ‎Palestine Realities of Living Under Occupation " through which she shed light ‎on the ‎status of the Palestinian education system under the Israeli occupation.‎

The conference was attended by more than 50 speakers, ‎including academics, ‎scholars, advocates and human rights activists from around the world.‎

At the end of the conference, a select group of Teaching Palestine conference ‎participants spent five days of formal and informal interaction with communities, ‎activists, religious leaders, worker’s, trade unions, students in townships and ‎campuses in learning South Africa’s resistance and struggle culture. Also, the ‎conference participants visited geographies of South African anti-apartheid ‎resistance to deepen the sense of solidarities.‎

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