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On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, Professor Maher Natsheh, Acting President of An-‎Najah received a distinguished delegation from the Slovak Republic. The delegation ‎included Mrs. Karla Wursterova, Director General for International Organizations, ‎Development Assistance and Humanitarian Aid, Mrs. Lucia Kiss, Director of Slovak ‎Agency for International Development Cooperation, Ms. Petra Ruzickova from the ‎Department for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid, Amb. Miroslav ‎Hacek, Head of the Slovak Representative Office, Mr. Sami Jabra, Deputy Head of ‎the Slovak Representative Office, Mr. Mahmoud El-Sheikh, Desk Officer of ‎Slovakia, and Ms. Nadine Husari, Desk Officer of Deplomatic Missions.

The delegation was also received by Dr. Mohammad Al-Amleh, Vice President of ‎Academic Affairs, Mr. Rashid Al-Kukhun, Director of the Finance Department, the ‎International Office and the PR Department at An-Najah.‎

The visit focused on discussing possible areas of future joint cooperation between ‎the Slovak Republic and An-Najah National ‎University in the realms of staff ‎scholarship programmes,‎‏ ‏ ‏‎joint ‎exchange programmes and research partnership in a ‎way that ‎serves both ‎parties.‎

Prof. Natsheh welcomed the delegation and talked about the cooperation agreements the University has with a ‎number of European universities, in terms of developing joint research projects and ‎boosting student and staff exchange programmes. He expressed his interest in ‎developing more relations with universities in Slovakia, upgrading academic and ‎research exchanges. He further ‎talked about An-Najah's campuses and An-Najah ‎National University Hospital. ‎

In turn, Mrs. Wursterova thanked An-Najah for their hospitality and commended its ‎role as a leading university in Palestine and the distinct academic relations it has ‎with institutions around the world. She also discussed further means of academic ‎‎cooperation with An- Najah, especially with Music Department of the University as ‎they hold annual music festivals in Slovakia that their government is very proud of. ‎She also mentioned that the Slovak Republic is interested in sending good Arabic ‎teachers to Slovakia.‎

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