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On Tuesday, February 26, 2019, An-Najah National University's ‎Scholarships Office in cooperation with the European Union organized a ‎series of programmes and events across An-Najah University within the ‎‎"EU4Youth" initiative.‎

The "EU4Youth" initiative fosters higher education opportunities for ‎Palestinian university students, and emphasizes the major role of the EU ‎in harnessing the potential of future Palestinian opinion leaders through ‎various EU-funded projects and programmes.‎

The event was inaugurated by Mr. Ralph Tarraf, European Union ‎Representative to Palestine and Professor Maher Natsheh, Acting ‎President of ‎An-Najah and attended by representatives from EU Member ‎States and a large number of An-Najah staff and interested students as ‎well as other notable attendees.‎

The "EU4Youth" program included information booths with representatives of different EU states who provided attendees with guidance on scholarship, fellowship, and exchange programmes opportunities.

The event concluded with a networking session at the Faculty of Law ‎auditorium organized by Erasmus+, the educational branch of the EU, ‎sharing the various studying experiences from the EU and Palestinian ‎Erasmus+ alumni.‎

The EU Representative, Ralph Tarraf shared his experience as a student ‎with over 150 students at the University. During his remarks, Mr. Tarraf ‎said that "the programmes and opportunities offered by the EU to ‎Palestinian students represents the EU's unwavering support to the ‎potential change makers, thought leaders, and peace advocates, qualities ‎found in young Palestinians. The EU and Member States join forces in ‎this campus tour to further extend the bridges of cooperation between ‎people and across generations.”‎

Prof. Natsheh welcomed the attendees and commended the European Union's role in supporting the University through its diverse projects which ‎An-Najah participates in such as the Erasmus+ programme.

Dr. Nidal Al-Jayousi, Director of National Erasmus+ Office in Palestine, talked about a number of projects carried out by Erasmus+ Office in Palestine and stressed the importance of the cooperation between Erasmus+ Office and An-Najah. He also discussed the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation that should be integrated in universities strategic plans.

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