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A delegation from Al-Ahliyya Amman Univrsity (AAU) visited An-‎Najah National University and met ‎with the Acting President of An-Najah ‎‎University, Prof Maher Natsheh. They signed an MOU focusing on ‎academic exchange and research cooperation between the two parties and ‎discussed possible means of academic cooperation between the two ‎universities. ‎

Prof. Natsheh briefed the delegation on An-Najah's history, academic ‎programmes, scientific centres, campus locations as well as the numerous ‎and diverse international partnerships An-Najah has spearheaded over the ‎years.‎

Prof Natsheh also praised the role of the Jordanian Government to ‎support the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause. He stressed the ‎importance of this visit and hoped to expand the cooperation.‎

The delegation commended An-Najah's role as a leading university in ‎Palestine and for the strong academic relationships it cultivates with ‎institutions around the world. ‎

Following the meeting, the delegation was taken on a tour of the New ‎Campus which included the Media ‎Center, Archeological Museum ‎‎(located in the Faculty of Fine Arts), and Library.‎

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