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The An-Najah National University Debate Society (NNUDS), represented by Iman Sarraj and Tamara Abdel Latif, participated in the European Universities Debating Championship (EUDC) from July 31st to August 5th, 2018.  

The An-Najah team, along with four students from A-Quds Bard College, were part of the first cohort of Palestinian debaters to ever represent Palestine at the EUDC since its inception in 1999.

This year, the championship was hosted by Novi Sad Business School in Novi Sad, Serbia and included 700 participants, from 75 countries across Europe and the world.

In addition to competing for the first time, Palestine was officially recognized by the EUDC Council as a participating country, marking a new era in Palestinian debate.  

Palestinian teams considered the participation important as it gave a voice to everyone and raised awareness among societies of the Palestinian reality and cause as well as the challenges it faces.

Asked about her experience at EUDC, Iman Sarraj commented: "We started the training over a year ago and have always aspired to represent Palestine in international tournaments but knew that this would not be easy.  However, after long hours of training, we did it. We were very proud to represent Palestine for the first time in the tournament and wish to achieve more success in next year’s EUDC and other international tournaments."

The An Najah University Debate Society (NNUDS) is coached by Mariel Golden and organized by Alia Gilbrecht.  To get involved with NNUDS and be a part of their upcoming International Palestine Open Debate Tournament, contact [email protected] or visit their site at

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