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On Tuesday, December 20th, 2016, The International Development and External Affairs Office (IDEA Office) at An-Najah hosted a special celebratory lunch for the international students attending the Arabic for Non Native Speakers programme.

This event aimed at bringing the international students together, celebrating the end of the semester, the coming of the New Year and the start of the holiday season.

The event was attended by the staff of the IDEA Office, as well as the students of the Arabic for Non Native Speakers programme.

The Arabic for Non Natives Institute at An Najah National University aims at introducing the international students to the Arabic language through living in Palestine and integrating with the locals. Every programme offered through the Arabic for Non Natives Institute aims to help learners not only develop their Arabic language skills, but also understand every aspect of Arab heritage. 

For more information about the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers programme, please click here

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