Radio & Television
Duration: 48 Months (4 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor
The Radio and Television Department at An-Najah is an interesting and profound discipline. In 4 years, you learn and develop your skills through practical training and theoretical courses. Practical courses teach you how work in a team and attach you to your job as it requires strength and innovation. The department’s courses, teachers and students are amazing; therefore, I advice those who are interested to enrol in this programme.
Amina Khandakji
If you are interested in working in a radio station or a TV channel, your choice to enrol in An-Najah’s radio and TV programme will be a great step onward. The department offers you qualified academic staff and all needed equipment.
Anas Sadat
The Radio and Television Department offers its students the needed equipment for practical training including cameras and labs as well as a qualified staff. Although we spend hours in practical courses, we feel happy and enthusiastic about it.
Ward Raddad

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