financial & Banking Sciences
Duration: 48 Months (4 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor
Program Code
Faculty of Economics and Social Studies
Faculty Website
Program Description

Preparation distinguished graduate has the necessary competencies ‎for effective work in the field of Finance and banking required by ‎local and Arab labor market, and faculty development department to ‎increase their effectiveness in Education   And research, and to ‎contribute to the development of community service activities in line ‎with requirements of the age in the framework of national values.

Program Goals

  • The development of qualified graduates to meet the needs ‎of various sectors in Finance.
  • Provide students with modern knowledge in the work ‎associated with the local and global environment Finance ‎‎,investment and banking fields .‎
  • ‎Connect students directly with the labor market by focusing on ‎field applications in the area of specialization and hands-on ‎application of knowledge and skills in Finance.‎
  • ‎The development of students' skills and their ability to set up ‎scientific research in the field of Finance and banking.
  • ‎Giving students the skills necessary for the use of Financial ‎technology in various positions of Financial management and ‎capacity.
  • ‎The development of students' skills and abilities in ‎communication, teamwork, analysis and creative thinking, ‎problem solving and building self.
  • ‎Giving students the skill of using the English language in ‎Finance.
  • ‎The development of skills and abilities of the students on the ‎use of statistical methods and quantitative relevant in ‎decision-making.
  • ‎Raising the awareness of students to respond to various ‎environmental changes for Finance.

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