Computer Science Apprenticeship Program
Duration: 48 Months (4 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor
Program Code
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
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Program Description

Be unique among Computer Science graduates in Palestine
The CAP educates the next generation of innovation leaders in the information technology business - people who are able to identify market opportunities, turn them into project ideas, develop optimal solutions and design innovative software products for today's world.

The Apprenticeship Computer Science Program has quite a unique identity which distinguishes it from all computer science programs in Palestine. It is implemented in close collaboration with the IT market in Palestine. This high level engagement gives the new program its special identity as an industry apprenticeship program.

What's in it for you?
Specialize in two most needed tracks the IT business

The program has an advanced training and tracking capacity. In the 3rd and 4rth years, students choose their specialization tracks. They select from 2 most cutting edge specializations in the IT market- Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

Gain market experience
From the time you enter the program to the time you leave us, you will be coached, trained and mentored by private sector experts.

The private sector experts lead technical workshops, provide awareness and orientation sessions, host student interns, coteach with academic staff senior and junior courses.

The new CSA program includes 3 internships for the total of 1280 hrs + 120 awareness in the second year+ 640 hrs of work in the 10 specialized tracking courses.

Meet international standards
The program provides similar opportunities to the ones available in world renowned universities like UTBM (France), Manchester University (UK), and Northwestern University (U.S.).

Define your career path
With this long, and intensive work experience, you will define your career interests. Graduates of the new program will work in the AI, data science, and software engineering as specialized graduates with proven market experience.

Program Concentration Themes
Software Engineering with industrial experience

By studying software design and production techniques in our program, you will be equipped with the skills needed to follow a career which is specialized in developing complex software systems. Central to these techniques is the use of specifications and models, which support analysis of solutions for correctness and the generation of skeleton implementation code.

Our software engineering course set considers the whole lifecycle of an application, from its specification and design, through its implementation and testing, to its maintenance and adaptation. 

Artificial Intelligence with industrial experience 
By combining the study of AI and traditional computing techniques with an understanding
from psychology of how humans learn, the AI  concentration courses prepare you for a career in applying computing to challenging applications. AI-specific topics covered include the key techniques of machine learning, which are built upon knowledge representation and reasoning. These are used in both simple learning, where solutions are remembered and reused, and in the generation of a solution from several related cases. 

Our AI courses give you the opportunity to study these techniques in the context of general computing, and to explore their application in areas such as computer vision, natural language processing and robotics. 

Learning resources and facilities

  • More than 300 computers in our School of Computer Science available exclusively for the use of our students 
  • Wi-Fi access throughout the entire School 
  • Java and C++ development environments (IDEs) for software development 
  • Oracle and MySQL systems to support database teaching 
  • Commercial electronic system design tools and development boards in our specialist computer engineering laboratories 
  • Specialized group-working are as complete with computing and audio-visual equipment to support effective group working 
  • Access to computing clusters around the campus and in student accommodation, including network connections in many of the University’s study bedrooms 
  • Fully integrated web-based learning support environment available to all students 

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