Water & Environmental Engineering
Duration: 24 Months (2 Years)
Degree Awarded: MSc
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Faculty of Graduate Studies
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Program Description

The Masters of Science in Water and Environmental Engineeringat An-Najah National University is a foundation to leadership for environmental professionals. The Water and Environmental Studies Institute (WESI) is a well-established multidisciplinary postgraduate institute with an international reputation and high experience for excellence in water and environmental engineering. The program was designed by academic leaders in the Water and Environmental Studies Institute at An-Najah National University and benefiting from experts and programs in applied science at regional institutes and universities. The focus of the program is on studying the environmental effects and impacts of current human activities and development on the present and future (in quality and quantity and in time and space) of environmental and natural resources.

The core curriculum consisting of 36 credit hours (18 core and 18 elective courses) provides the strong foundation of fundamental water and environmental engineering required to work at the forefront of the field. A broad range of electives provide curricular flexibility to allow students to tailor their academic experience to suit professional needs and interests. The MS in water and environmental engineeringprogram faculty at An-Najah National University includes distinguished instructors with valuable experience in the academic, public and corporate sectors. The program is thesis oriented only (30 credit hours plus 6 credit hours as thesis) to allow much research of local water and environmental engineering related problems.

The MSc program in Water and Environmental Engineeringis over twenty years old and highly popular and relevant to the present and future needs of Palestinian people and development.

All students inthe MS programme in Water and Environmental Engineering earn skills and tools in the following areas:

  1. Water resources management and hydraulic modeling
  2. Water resources quality
  3. Applied Water chemistry and microbiology
  4. Water resources management and modeling
  5. Water and wastewater treatment processes and design
  6. Sanitation and sewerage
  7. Groundwater modeling/management
  8. Water Rules and regulations
  9. Waste management and Environmental Monitoring, Analysis and Pollution control
  10. Ecological Management
  11. Environmental regulations
  12. Environmental Chemistry
  13. Environmental Management
  14. Environmental Planning
  15. Data Management including Statistical analysis, simulation, and computer modelling
  16. Waste Management
  17. Environmental Impact Assessment

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