Profitable Agribusiness MA Program
Duration: 24 Months (2 Years)
Degree Awarded: MSc
Program Code
Faculty of Graduate Studies
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Program Description

The program aims to graduate highly efficient students, who are able to meet the Palestinian local market demand in the field of agricultural business by supplying the students with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to be capable of confronting challenges and to improve their competitiveness nationally and internationally.

With the tremendous development of the agricultural sector, an urgent need of competent specialists in this filed poops out. Graduates will demonstrate a high level of specialized knowledge of agribusiness management, and business and communication skills associated with selected areas of study and will be able to contribute to uplift the economy through the management of the agribusiness system of production, transportation, storage, manufacturing, policies, food safety and quality and marketing of agricultural products.

Program Tracks

  • Management and Marketing.
  • Food processing/Industry.
  • Protected Agriculture (PA).
  • Organic Agriculture.

The program aims to develop student competency in the field of business administration and agricultural investments and supporting profitable agricultural industries. It also aims to link the teaching process with the labor market.

Completing the programme requirements, graduates will have excellent skills in agribusiness and will have a background about the structure and techniques of profitable agribusiness sector.

Program Goals

The program aims to graduate:

  • Competencies with extensive knowledge of the foundations of agricultural business and its components.
  • Experts who are able to apply what they have learned in the field of agricultural and food systems of inputs, processes and products.
  • Distinguished researchers who are able to find solutions and keep pace with the development of business and agricultural projects.
  • Graduates who are able to enroll in doctoral programs and conduct advanced specialized research.

Admission Requirements 

Future applicants must have completed a Bachelor's degree in the fields of agriculture, food processing, management, economics, business and other related specializations with a minimum GPA of 70%.

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