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On Sunday, June 23, 2019, a delegation from An-Najah's Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology visited the Faculty of Architecture, GRECCAU, and Nobatek at the University of Bordeaux in France.

The delegation included Dr. Sameh Mona, Project Coordinator from the ‎Architectural Engineering Department and Drs Mutasim Baba and Muhannad Haj ‎Hussein from the Building Engineering Department, and Adel Jaidi from the ‎Chemical Engineering Department at An-Najah who met with their project ‎counterparts at the University of Bordeaux.‎

Dr. Mona, the Project Coordinator said that the visit aims at completing the work on ‎the joint project which aims to promote research on sustainable environment, and ‎enhance research capabilities through establishing international research ‎collaborations. He also stressed the importance of the cooperation between the ‎universities.‎



Dr. Baba mentioned that they met with academic leaders from the University of ‎Bordeaux, and their project counterparts to discuss possible means of further ‎cooperation. The meeting proved to be productive and resulted in clear plans for ‎a ‎path forward in developing future joint programming.  ‎

During the visit, the delegation participated in a workshop organized by the Faculty ‎of Architecture at the University of Bordeaux where Dr. Hussein gave a lecture on ‎the quality of the internal environment.‎

In turn, Dr. Jaidi stressed the importance of academic cooperation between the two ‎universities, in terms of developing joint research projects in the field of energy ‎management and consumption.‎

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