On Friday, February 14, 2020, An-Najah Scouts Group organized a hiking trip to Sebastia.

Sebastia is ten kilometers northwest of Nablus at the junction of two main historical ‎routes, the northern Nablus-Jenin route and the western route from the Jordan Valley ‎to the Mediterranean coast. ‎

The trip started from An-Najah National University Hospital near Asira Al-Shamaliya ‎and ended in the village's main mosque, known as the Nabi Yahya Mosque.‎

The Mosque stands within the remains of a Crusader cathedral that is believed to be ‎built upon the tombs of the prophets Elisha, Obediah and John the Baptist beside the ‎public square.‎

The Group also went to the Roman amphitheater and the remains of a basilica church ‎on Sebastia's central square where they were introduced to Augustus Temple, the old ‎church and the Roman and Canaanite remains in the village.‎

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