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Would you like to have cultural encounters with experts AND YOUR PEERS from Europe and the Middle East? Apply for online courses here

Interested in receiving a certificate from the European Union to include in your qualifications on your curriculum vitae?

But how? The current crisis does not allow travel or commute!

YOU can register for FREE virtual cultural exchange courses and gain a unique experience through online learning! The virtual exchanges are open to all individuals (18-30 years) through various courses that present diverse perspectives about social issues, climate change, the pandemic, and so many more topics

Sharing Perspectives Foundation invites you to apply for the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange opportunities:

Countering Hate Speech

An Interactive Open Online Course where participants learn about and discuss current challenges posed by hate speech in their communities and societies at large. Not only do participants engage in dialogue about the topic and get access to expert video lectures, but they also collaboratively work towards creating a campaign to counter hate speech in various forms. This makes ‘Countering Hate Speech’ an action-oriented course where participants are inspired, share knowledge and learn from each other.

Language: English

Duration: 5 weeks

Dates: 18 May – 19 June 2020

Deadline to apply: 10 May 2020

Contact: [email protected]

Registration Link:

Sustainable Food Systems: A Mediterranean Perspective

This course will address the challenges and opportunities of the agricultural sector with a focus on the Mediterranean. Participants will discuss subjects including history and culture of agriculture in the Mediterranean, global-to-local challenges related to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, EU policy frameworks and international agreements related to food and agriculture in the Mediterranean, and opportunities related to innovation and sustainability. Participants are expected to interact and meet weekly (through the exchange portal). The estimated time commitment is 3-4 hours per week. This Virtual Exchange course consists of 10 exciting learning modules 5 live facilitated group seminar meetings to dive deeply into the topics.

Language: English

Duration: 5 weeks

Dates: 25 May – 24 June

Deadline to apply: 17 May 2020

Contact: [email protected]

Registration link:

Social Circles  Weekly time investment: 2,5 hours.

Every two months, a round of ‘Social Circles’ is organized around a specific topic. Participants discuss these topics during their facilitated online group meetings (live sessions). They are offered in three different languages; English, French and Arabic.

Upcoming dates & topics:

  • ·         “What is the role of youth in taking action against climate change?”

                     Duration:   1 - 12 June 2020

                     Live sessions: 5 & 12 June      

                     Application deadline: 17 May 2020

  •         “How to balance local culture and globalization?”

                        Duration:  3 - 14 August 2020

                        Live sessions: 7 & 14 August 2020

                        Application deadline: 19 July 2020

Link for English application form:

Link for Arabic application form:

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