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Again, An-Najah National University wins advanced places in the ‎second edition of the Webometrics Rankings (July 2020 version 10.1.1), ‎which included top prominent international universities such as Harvard ‎University, University of Oxford, Boston University, University of ‎Manchester and University of Toronto among others.

The University was ranked first in Palestine, 19 in the Arab World and ‎‎1526 among 30000 world higher education institutions, and hence, ‎classified among top 5% among world universities. The tenth edition of ‎Webometrics Transparent Ranking, July 2020 version 10.1.1, was ‎issued by the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) in ‎Spain.‎

In this ranking, world universities were ranked by citations in top ‎Google ‎Scholar profiles as this version consists only of top entries ‎‎‎(citations>1000). The ranking included 3800 academic institutions ‎of ‎which 12 were Palestinian.‎ An-Najah was ranked first with 52720 ‎citations holding the 1414 position in the world. It is worth mentioning ‎that the University has always been ranked top ‎Palestinian university in ‎this Webometrics Ranking. ‎

On this occasion, An-Najah University President, Prof. Maher Natsheh ‎thanked the Chair of the University Board of Trustees, Mr. Sabih Al-‎Masri, the Board's Vice Chair, Prof. Rami Hamdallah and the Board's ‎members for their consistent support to achieve this success.‎

In details, the University won 45 place in the world in the Presence ‎indicator (Size (number of pages) of the main web domain of the ‎institution, including all the subdomains that share the same ‎‎(central/main) web domain) representing 5% of the total weighting. It ‎also took 3281 place in Visibility indicator (Number of external ‎networks (subnets) linking to the institution's webpages) representing ‎‎50% of the total weighting.‎

Also, it was in 1783 place in the world in the number ‎of citations from top 110 authors, which represents 10% of the total ‎weighting.‎

In addition, the university got 1405 place in Excellence (Scholar) ‎indicator (Number of papers amongst the top 10% most cited in each ‎one of the 26 disciplines of the full database) representing 35% of the ‎total weighting.‎

The University was in top places in Palestine in three of the four ‎indicators of the Webometrics Ranking, and achieved great progress in ‎Transparency 

‎(or Openness) and Excellence (or Scholar) indicators.‎

For 12 years, An-Najah administration worked on promoting the ‎University's academic status; therefore, formed specialized teams to ‎follow up on world rankings. One team was responsible for creating high ‎quality website content, whereas other teams were responsible for Times ‎Higher Education Ranking and QS Ranking.  ‎

Prof. Natsheh mentioned that An-Najah is one of the largest academic ‎institutions in Palestine and the Arab World offering scientific, ‎humanities and medical specializations.‎

He was very proud of this result, referring that the University always ‎aspires to maintain its academic progress and distinction among ‎Palestinian and Arab universities, especially with regards to world ‎rankings.‎

He also paid tribute to the efforts made by the researchers and staff of ‎An-Najah, who worked hard to achieve this success.‎

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