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An-Najah University has been shortlisted among top 8 universities in the Times Higher Education ‘Oscars’ of THE Awards Asia 2020 for the Teaching and Learning Strategy of the Year category.

According to THE Asia website, these Oscar awards are given in recognition of the teaching and learning strategy that is ‎‎distinctive and innovative and reflects an institution’s core values, according to the ‎judging criteria.‎

An-Najah submitted its Community Pathways Program-CPP portfolio under the Teaching and Learning Strategy of the Year category 20220.

An-Najah's Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching has institutionalized the CBL learning model through establishing the Najah Community Pathways Program-CPP in 2019.

CPP is a grassroots community engagement initiative which has been running on campus for many years. The CPP service learning program has helped significantly advance the goals of sustainable development in Palestine by providing a host of educational courses in community settings which allow students to learn as they serve their immediate communities.

The unit has managed 82 community engagement courses and signed 120 partnerships with private companies, GOs and NGOs.

The service learning program has transformed the learning and teaching experience for thousands of students, instilled important values in Palestinian youth, and completed hundreds of projects for the benefit of community organizations, e.g. building Geographic Information Systems for city councils, awareness videos for victims of child abuse and designing nutrition protocols for diabetic patients.

The initiative has impacted the top management level by making community and market engagements one strategic priority for the University. An-Najah University strategy document 2019-2023 emphasizes connecting education to the community as one core value for the institution. 

The University's engagements with the Palestinian community contributed to reducing inequality, combating poverty, supported entrepreneurial economic ventures, and improved the quality of higher education provided for students.   

The Asia Awards are prestigious Awards for which prominent international universities in Asia compete such as the University of Tokyo, the American University of Beirut, Peking University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

The final results for the Awards' winning institution will be announced on 17, November 2020.

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